Hello to all our visitors

Thursday, May 27, 2021

We are very much honored having you coming across our website. We want you to know that we love and appreciate you as you continue to read our blog and pray for us. We would definately love to have your support as we work moslty in desparate communities.

You are also welcome to visit us if the Lord leads how ever as stated the area we are serving the cost must be upon you as we cant at the moment afford how ever accomodation can be atrranged if you love staying with our people.

For those who are doing mission work you are welcome to contact us

We are also in training have a bible school which is a global training T T S Bilbe college. To know more about it plaese dont hesitate to contact us and we will discus it

Our upcoming event will be Evangelism training in August and September will be the month to practice evangelism winning souls to the Kingdom of God . Please keep us in prayer and please do support the programe if possible 

We need support on producing training materials and meals for trainees. Please contact us on our contacts if you feel like supporting this event 

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